Friday, 4 October 2013

iOS 7 by Joel Pridmore

If you are a social media user then, like myself, you inevitably got fed up of seeing tweets and statuses on Wednesday and Thursday about iOS7.

iOS7 is the new updated Operating System for Apple iPhones and iPads. It is like getting a new version of Windows for your PC that has the same core purpose but incorporates a fresh looking design, updated technology and new features.

I use Apple products but haven’t updated just yet! I am happy with them as they are and am content to watch others get frustrated with the glitches in the new system before upgrading when they are sorted!

It is inevitable, however, that within the next couple of weeks, I will simply have to upgrade! If I don’t, my iPhone and iPad will not lose their core purpose or functions, but they will quickly become out of tune with th e rest of the technological world that they are a part of. I will lose touch with the way that people are using the same gadgets, even though mine have the capability to update.

Churches can be in danger of failing to keep in touch with the world they are a part of. Their core purpose and functions may remain, but their interaction and ‘interface’ becomes outdated and out of touch. Don’t misunderstand me here… The core function and purpose are more important than the means of communicating and embodying them… But we mustn’t be frightened of finding new, fresh and up to date ways to express and embody eternal truths.

The Gospel will never change, but the way we communicate and live it has to. Otherwise our churches become irrelevant, un-engaging and less effective to the world we live in.

“How can they hear if nobody tells them?”

(Romans 10:14)

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